The Issues

Lockie Leonard  explores issues which are familiar to lots of teenagers. We discussed these during reading, and after reading wrote about how the various issues were explored in the book.

Teen Relationships

(by Casey)

The theme Teen Relationships in Lockie Leonard Human Torpedo is explored in an interesting way. The author has chosen to write it in a way that is easy to understand eg: Viki is the girl that Lockie WANTS! And finally he gets to be with her but learns that she is not the same girl as he thought she was.

Some of the situations that the characters have been put into are; first kiss, disagreements, exploring things that are not suitable for their age and love that Lockie feels is forever. Along with the other themes through out the book Teen Relationships is definitely the one with the strongest feelings that are expressed.

Teen relationships

by Courtney

Lockie’s first teen relation ship with his first girlfriend Vicki was like a rollercoaster one day they were tight and the next day they couldn’t stand looking at each other

 Lockie and Vicki were the most popular yr8 couple. All the teachers thought they were really mature and they loved each other and cared for each other but when something goes wrong its all down hill for them!

Lockie Leonard bullying

 by Marc

Bullying is put into Lockie Leonard book. Lockie is the only one that is bullied in the book when he starts high school.

Lockie got vegemite in high school and he nearly got into a fight too.

Starting high school

 by Jamie

Lockie lenords first few weeks at angelus high went smoothly except the first day. Lockie got his timetable and he did his homework. And he learnt he name of the girl at the front of the maths class. But for the first two weeks he was invisible.

 Lockie started to read a book of poems that he saw in the school library and he did not under stand any of it. And the girl he liked name was Vicki Streeton.


 by Erin

As Lockie starts high school he discovers what a teen relationship is and how they work. When he turns thirteen he begins to go out with Vicki Stretton, the most popular girl in school.

 In the beginning of their relationship Lockie thought that everything was going perfectly. But as they begin to  know each other he realises that all Vickie wants to do is kiss however Lockie really likes her and has to decide what he wants as a teenage boy.

Teen Relationships
by Hannah
When you are a teenager your relationships are very different from any other time in your life.

Your Relationship with your family is very difficult. While your parents try and protect you by making rules however you try to break them and push the boundaries. Your parents may be very protective and make it hard for you to have a social life. Your relationship with your siblings will ether grow stronger or weaker, it usually depends on if they are elder or younger. With your family’s relationship with you, you may fight however they do still love you.

You’re social life and relationship is a lot harder, because at the end of a fight they probably won’t still love you. At your school your probably have groups. The groups or “clicks” are usually grouped by interests, looks or your personality. Most groups have a “main Person” that every one likes and looks up to them for new ideas and events. You will have/need one or two main best friends to help you through your social life as a teenager.

Any way it is going to be difficult.

Teen relationships in Lockie Leonard- Human Tornado.

 by Wes

In Lockie Leonard- Human tornado teen relationships are explored with Lockie Leonard and Viki Streeton. They go to the same school and are in the same class.

Throughout the book Lockie and Viki become very close. As the book describes they can be seen swapping gum kissing curling there legs under there desks. Lockie and Viki get very serious with a full on relationship. They come close to sex but together discover they are far too young. They are an all round teen couple.


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